David Luis - former pro surfer & founder of search school

Search School was founded in 2013 in Costa da Caparica, by “local hero” and former professional surfer David Luis, a surfing reference at national and European level in the 90s and 2000s.

Surf lessons were David's way of sharing his passion for surfing and the sea, with children and adults, after his career as a professional surfer.

The school's goal is to promote physical activity, to contribute through practice to the physical and psychological well-being of practitioners; teach in a safe and dedicated way; introduce the relationship between us and the sea, which can become long lasting and extremely beneficial for the student. Whether they are children or adults.

We want to pass you on through our extensive knowledge and experience, a set of techniques that will help you to be at sea and slide on the waves! Our goal is to see “that” smile on your face after “that” wave, “that” maneuver, or “that” session!

For this, we count on the personalized dedication of our instructors certified by the Portuguese Surfing Federation, all of them surfers, with many years of experience of surfing and sea.

Search School is accredited by the Portuguese Surfing Federation and by Turismo de Portugal I.P with the number of RNAAT 108/2013.

The School of a Champ