Search School, through its familiar approach, has been organizing Surf Vacation Camps since its opening in 2013, and much of its consolidation as a school is due to the enormous success of this activity. Throughout the various editions, we knew how to win children and the trust of parents. Today this program is the highlight of the year for the entire school operation. It is the most challenging activity and at the same time it gives us more pleasure to organize! These are unforgettable weeks for the children who attend them ... and also for our team! What motivates us in this program is to encourage physical activity in children, respecting the pace of each one; create a relaxed atmosphere that fosters friendship; help reinforce children's self-esteem and overcome challenges through surfing. Encourage not to give up, give positive reinforcement, smile, cuddle, help. Create dynamics to not leave anyone aside, or isolated. Play, have fun and obviously teach how to surf safely. For this mission, we have young, fun, responsible and attentive instructors, all certified surf teachers. From the ages of 6 to 8/9 years, we created a dynamic in which each child is accompanied in the water exclusively by a teacher, that is, one teacher for one child. At these ages, it is intended that children learn in a surf zone always with their “feet on the ground”, with the teacher always “glued” to the child. We insist on always having a member of our staff out of the water to ensure any support that goes beyond the surf lesson.